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Child Safety

St John's Frankston East

St John's Frankston East

St John’s primary School has a commitment to the care, safety, and wellbeing of all students at our school. We are committed to complying with Ministerial Order No. 1359 and following the Victorian Child Safe Standards.


St John’s Primary School is entrusted, in partnership with parents/guardians/caregivers who are the primary educators of their children, with the total education of the child. Our school staff have a duty of care to students during school operating hours and at other times when a staff/student relationship exists. Staff fulfil this duty by taking reasonable care to avoid acts or omissions which they can reasonably foresee would be likely to result in harm or injury to the student.



Peninsula Uniforms

Unit 1/1 Titan Dr, Carrum Downs VIC 3201

(03) 9775 1777


Students at St John’s are expected to wear shoes that can be polished and kept in a good, tidy and clean condition. Runners that are predominantly made of meshing and shoes that have other colours on them are not considered acceptable school shoes.

If your child needs special uniform consideration due to a diagnosed medical condition, please do not hesitate to contact the school office with supporting documentation from either a G.P. or Podiatrist.

School hats are compulsory in Term One and Term Four as part of our Sun Smart Policy.

Maroon St John’s School bags are part of the school uniform.


St John’s uniform is compulsory.

  • School uniform fosters a sense of pride in our school.

  • School uniform worn regularly, assists home routines and avoids last minute decisions regarding what to wear.

  • Nail polish and jewellery are not part of our school uniform. For children who have pierced ears, studs or sleepers may be worn; preferably studs.

  • Hair colouring is inappropriate in any form.

It is a requirement of enrolment that each child wears the correct school uniform.


Before & After School Care

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Before and after school care is available for students at St John’s Primary School.  This service is provided on the school premises. We are fortunate to have Extend operating from our shared Grade 5/6 area.  This Child-Care facility is fully accredited, and also offers holiday care (not held on site at St John’s). 

For More information on Extend Care and fees check out our website: Extend

Before & After School Care


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Term 3

Week 1

Week 3

Week 5

Week 7



Term 4







Parent Support

As their child’s first and primary educators, parent support and involvement is critical to their child's academic and personal development. Evidence shows that when parents are actively involved in their child's education, children tend to:

  • Achieve higher grades and test scores

  • Attend school more regularly

  • Have better social skills and behavior

  • Show a more positive attitude towards school

  • Are more resilient when learning is difficult

There are many ways that parents can support and be involved in their child's education at St John’s, including:

  • Attending parent-teacher conferences and meetings

  • Volunteering in the classroom or to help with school events

  • Supporting their child's learning at home by reading with their child or discussing and supporting what they are learning at school

  • Encouraging their child to be actively involved in their own education by setting goals, monitoring progress, and advocating for their own needs

By being supportive and involved in their child's education, parents can also strengthen their relationship with their child and develop a better understanding of their child's strengths, challenges, and interests. This can be especially important for parents who may not have had the opportunity to pursue higher education themselves, as it can help them to better support and encourage their child's learning and development.

Parent Feedback

Please feel free to send in your feedback about the school or aspects of it, it may be suggestions re: current operations, requests for events, positive aspects you have noted, etc. These will be presented to School Leadership and/or the Parent Advisory Committee. Thank you in advance for your contribution towards improving our school.

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