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St John's Frankston East

Acknowledgement of Country

We pay our respects to the traditional custodians of this land;

those of the past and present.


We acknowledge the land, the waterways, the skies 

and the spiritual beliefs of the Bunurong people.


We acknowledge our First Nation students and their families.


We do this in the spirit of reconciliation, as we move towards a place of justice 

and partnership, so that together, we can walk gently on this land.

 Our place

Our student FIRE Carriers (Friends Igniting Reconciliation through Education) recognise our Australian history and work to promote cultural understanding and acceptance of the Original People. The Bunurong people are our local culture who welcome us to add our own stories to theirs on this sacred land.


           Bunjil the sea eagle is the creator spirit of the Bunurong people. He taught the people to always welcome guests to the 

           land but also asked that all visitors make two promises: 

To obey the laws of Bunjil and;

not to harm the children or the lands of Bunjil.

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We aspire to build an inclusive community which celebrates collaboration, perseverance, contemporary pedagogies, and life-giving relationships with each other and with God in order to flourish.



At St John’s Catholic Primary School:

Gospel truths are at the core of our endeavours to provide an inclusive and holistic education where ‘Love is Life’ is lived for all members of our community.


We engage in contemporary teaching and learning practices designed to meet the needs of every student in our care.


We encourage members of our community to build their own stories while fostering knowledge, care and concern for the stories of the First Australians on whose land our school resides.


We foster a genuine concern for others in the wider community and in the world in which we live, including principles of social justice, stewardship of the environment and positive relationships with each other.


We ensure that all members of our community work together to promote and enact behaviours consistent with Ministerial Order 1359 - Child Safe Standards.

Contact Us

St John's Primary School Frankston East

Contact Us

St John's Frankston East

Address: Jayne Street, Frankston East, Victoria 3199

Mailing Address: PO Box 3100, Frankston East, Victoria 3199


Phone: (03) 9789 9794

Principal: Derek Bruitzman


Office Hours: 08:30 am - 3:40 pm


ABN: 26 247 686 477


Get in Touch

Thank you for contacting St John's Frankston East. We will be in contact shortly.

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