Community and Family Engagement

A strong sense of identity and belonging can enhance the wellbeing of young people, and impact positively on learning outcomes.

St John’s acts as a focal point for communities to come together. We promote personal growth, cultural identity and a sense of community and belonging. Students and families can identify with the traditions, values and relationships within the school. It is a part of our core work to include activities that shape students’ sense of identity and culture.

Clear communication between home and school is key to ensuring ongoing, effective partnerships for learning. Young people learn in a variety of environments – school, home, clubs, social groups, etc. When the language of learning in these worlds, especially home and school can be readily accessed and understood by families, learning will be enhanced. John Hattie (2009) suggests that many students operate in two worlds therefore it is vital that school staff and families share, understand, and effectively communicate a common language around learning.