Principal's Welcome

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Catholic learning community of St John’s Primary School. We are committed to achieving the highest standards possible for each learner. This includes each student, each educator, each parent, each carer and each friend of the school. We use research, data and evidence of student growth to ensure that every learner has maximum progress and growth.

In today’s globalised environment, our young people must be resilient and versatile learners. They need to develop not only new knowledge and skills, but new literacies, dispositions and a new cultural awareness. At St John’s we learn within this context and in dialogue with the Catholic tradition. Our Catholic learning community encourages each learner to understand themselves, to understand others and to understand our faith more deeply.

There are many challenges posed for our young people in today’s context. At St John’s, the mission and vision of Jesus instils a hope and a possibility for each person. Learning brings forth this hope - a hope that is based on God’s love and care for all. Through Catholic education at St John’s Primary School we celebrate all the opportunities which enable young people to embrace the hope of a better world, with greater possibilities.

It is this hope that enables each of us to flourish at St John’s.

Tonia Tamblyn