Catholic Identity

Our Catholic Ethos is not confined to the formal Religious Education classes and practices. It governs the way we act as a school community, and how we relate to each other. In all things we strive to grow as a community, living out the gospel message of faith, hope, love and justice.

As a Catholic School, St John’s supports and encourages parents in the responsibility they accepted at Baptism, to educate their children in faith. At school, children are provided with experiences and a curriculum that enriches the values, incorporates the traditions, shares the stories of our Church and nourishes the faith.

As a Catholic school we are committed to:

· educating children in the Catholic faith.

· bringing children the Gospel message of Jesus.

· helping children to come to know and trust in a God who loves them.

· helping children think and act in a Christian way with an emphasis on service to others.

· providing an atmosphere where children’s developing faith can be nurtured and strengthened.

· supporting parents in their own faith journeys.

These are fostered through:

· our integrated Religious Education curriculum.

· our daily prayer celebrations.

· celebration of special Feast Days and events.

· Sacramental programs of Reconciliation, First Communion and Confirmation.

In St John’s Parish, the Sacramental program is Family centred, School supported and Parish based. The family’s role is central to the children’s preparation for Sacraments, which is informed and supported by the school and Parish.


Sacraments are Parish based and the parents prepare their children. Preparation for all three Sacraments involves parent meetings during the program.

Sacraments are normally received as follows but students can enrol in later years if they wish:

Reconciliation: Year Four

First Communion: Year Four

Confirmation: Year Six